Sunday, November 10, 2013

October pics

which I forgot to post in october.
Lets add november too then.

This is the cemetery La Chartreuse on Google Earth, with apart from some nice modern architecture the baroque church of Saint Bruno.
Click the pictures to enlarge them.

The Bordeaux cathedral on Google Earth.
Of many important buildings on earth, someone has made a 3D model, as is the case here for the cathedral.
You can download these models, and open them in freeware SketchUp Make, or view them in 3D in the also freeware SketchUp Viewer.

These are the Bordeaux models you can find on Google Earth.

The Porte de Bourgogne (Burgundy Gate) and the Pont de Pierre (Stone Bridge) on Google Earth.
As you can see, the entrance of the bridge has been made invisible for reasons unknown to me.

The Porte de Bourgogne on Google Streetview.

The Porte de Bourgogne model opened in SketchUp.
As you can see you can work on it, although generally that is not the case (they generally are Read Only models).