Sunday, September 6, 2009

The tramway and tourist information

To get at the tourist office you take the tramway to Quinconces.

The fair on Quinconces (I shall make a new one, not trembling; had the flu)

Find a tramway stop and there find the tramway map on the ticket dispenser. Its the map with the three lines on it, red, green and blue.
Now there are three stations where you can change from one line to another, and Quinconces is the top one, where the red line meets the green one.

The fountain at Quinconces (the pilar) and the House of the Wine in front of the tourist office.

Turn the big knob on the dispenser untill you see a menu on the screen. Choose by turning the knob the top item of the menu (one ticket) and keep pressing the green button untill you see that you have to insert 1,40 Euro. Generally the machines can change.
Selecting something else then one ticket you can get five or 10 trips tickets or a week ticket (10 Euro).
In the tramway insert the ticket in one of the yellow things, white side up, text in front. You can take another tramway untill one hour after you inserted it the first time. Do insert every time you board.

This is what a tram stop looks like.
Mind you: no ticket dispenser at the Place de la Bourse, the stock exchange square!

Get out at Quinconces. There are four tram tracks there; walk into the direction where the all bend away. Turn left. Bordeaux tourist office at the corner, 30 Cours du 30 Juillet. Always open between 09.30 and 18.00. Phone +33/0 556 006 600.

Get a map of Bordeaux for free there, and buy the Bordeaux guide and I would advise another map too (with all the touristic things on it) which is folded into a small booklet. Both are about eight Euro.
Other interesting information: they have a list of all the markets, and a booklet on the Santiago pilgrimage route through Bordeaux.

Bars and restaurants, not the cheapest in town, next to the tourist office.

Close to the Bordeaux tourist office you can also find a regional tourist office. Leave Bordeaux tourist office, turn left, continue till you have passed the theatre and the Regent hotel, turn right, at the right side of the street, 21 Cours de l'Intendance.

Transport by public bus.
The information desk is in the right part of the St. Jean station, street side.