Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bordeaux museums

I visited all Bordeaux museums except for the natural history museum, which is closed till 2012 (its situated in the Jardin Public, the public garden). I planned to make a second visit, for making photos, but I didnt have the time. Mid october.

As for opening days: the guide prooved to be wrong many times; in general the museums close on monday and on feastdays. Also in general they open from 11.00 till 18.00 (6 pm).

Musée d'Aquitaine: history of the Bordeaux region Aquitaine.
20, Cours Pasteur (not too far from the cathedral).
Large collection, from prehistoric times till today.
Also there a wine museum.
Here (all links open in a new window).

Musée des Beaux-Arts, fine arts museum.
20, Cours d'Albret (not too far from the cathedral, the building being the back part of the Palais Rohan / town hall next to the cathedral).
Among others very nice dutch paintings.
Galerie des Beaux-Arts, fine arts gallery.
More or less in front of the museum.
Temporary exhibitions.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, decorative arts museum.
Hôtel de Lalande, 39, rue Bouffard (also very close to the cathedral).
Large collection in a building that is too small. Nice building though.

Musée Nationale des Douanes, national customs museum.
1, Place de la Bourse (which you visit anyhow).
In general temporary exhibitions for long periods.

Capc Musée d'Art Contemporain, modern art museum.
Entrepôt, 7, rue Ferrère (not too far from the public garden).
Temporary exhibitions but even when there is no exhibition, do visit the building.
Also architecture museum.
Also a nice restaurant there.
Here (in english!).

Centre National Jean-Moulin, national Jean Moulin center, mr. Moulin being a famous person from the world war 2 resistance.
Place Jean-Moulin (very close to the cathedral).
Objects concerning the resistance, the deportations etc.
Here (english!).

Cap Sciences, science museum.
Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan (take the tramway from Quinconces to the north, along the river).
Nice museum to visit with children.

Base Sous Marine, a german world war 2 submarine base; impressive but do ask at the tourist office when it opens.
Boulevard Alfred Daney (far from the center; take a taxi. To go back take the bus that goes in the direction where you came from, get out at the big roundabout which is the second stop or such, and there take the tramway).

One thing I have not visited because it was not there: Croiseur Colbert, a big war ship. Should be in front of 60, Quai des Chartrons.
Here (english!).

At the tourist office you can get information on which other monuments can be visited with a guide and on which days. Among others I can advice you the Palais Rohan / town hall (only wednesday afternoon), the Grand Théâtre (the big theatre), the Saint Seurin crypt and the Palais Gallien (roman amphitheatre).

Since you will be close to Gambetta square several times you might as well find a cyber café there: Rue du Palais Gallien 32 (dont go to the first one on the right, coming from Gambetta). Also good food and drinks on Gambetta and cheap international restaurants in the Rue du Palais Gallien.