Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food in Bordeaux

Food is very important for the French. But in Bordeaux, it is of extreme importance. And do realize that Bordeaux is the world culinary center. Margaux, Pauillac, Pomerol, St. Emillion, Sauternes, Graves... Oysters, foie gras, caviar, lamprey, Basque cheeses, armagnac, Agen plums, lamb from the salt coast meadows, Bazais beef...
One more thing: food in Bordeaux is of very good quality and quite cheap! The two simple meals you see below here, the mushroom omelette and the steak with French fries, were both good and costed about € 9,-, drink included.
First picture: olive bread, tomato, mozzarell, pesto costed € 2,-.
Last picture: salmon skewer, good veggies and mashed potatoe, very good beurre blanc sauce, chique place, €13,- drink included.