Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just 10 pics (3)

"Merci": thanks. People used to come to this church (St. Pierre, saint Peter) and pray f.e. because they were ill. When cured, they donated such a marble.

Le Palais Gallien, the gallian palace, a roman amphitheatre.

The Place de la Bourse, the stock exchange square, the most famous part of Bordeaux and which is on the Unesco World Heritage list.

Touching statue on a grave at the impressive Chartreuse cemetery.

Rue des remparts, rampart road, my favorite shopping street, with lots of small restaurants too.

"Bull's heart" tomatoes.

St. Michel church. Nice area: lots of shops from all around the world, restaurants, flee market...

St. Jean, st. John main station.

Near Porte de Bourgogne, Burgundy gate.