Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bordeaux putti (2)

After the publication of the first Bordeau putti album, there was a discussion in a related blog on why putti are (almost) always boys. Some said because they are angels and angels are boys. So why are angels boys? Apart from the fact that there is not much diference in use, its just the wings. Btw angels are called cherubins rather then putti.
Another thing mentioned: women would not be sexually influenced by male putti, men yes by female. I dont know.
Anyway, just this morning I read a letter by C. L. Dodgson (Lewis Caroll) to a Miss Tomson (who was illustrating Carroll´s Three Sunsets and Other Poems) in a book called Looking-Glass Letters and which read "...I had much rather have all the fairies girls, If you wouldn´t mind. For I confess I do not admire naked boys in pictures. They always seem to need clothes: whereas one hardly sees why the lovely forms of girls shoud ever be covered up!
If ever you fancy any of the pictures look too like real children, then by all means give them wings..."
Quite another opinion. But anyway Carroll got his girls and his wings.
Here (new window).

St. André cathedral.

Girondins monument and fountains.

Grand théâtre, main theatre.

Rohan palace / town hall.
This is not a sculpture but a "trompe l´oeil", mislead the eye painting,

At the Bordeaux archives.

Grand théâtre.


Girondins monument and fountains.