Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bordeaux, city of terraces!

In Bordeaux you find lots and lots of terraces where you can take a drink or a meal. It has been a good decision of the town hall to oblige all terrace owners to use the same type of sun umbrellas.

My favourite place, Café des Arts, at Cours Victor-Hugo.

The Rue St. James (not an English name but James remains the same in the local occitan language) with the Grande Cloche, the big bell tower, under which the pilgrims walking to Santiago -Saint James!- de Compostela passed.

Part of the terrace of the Grand Théâtre.

Between the Cours Pasteur and the Cours Victor-Hugo.

In front of the cathedral.

At the Esplanade de Quinconces.

Next to the Grand Théâtre.

In the background my favourite square, Place C. Jullian, near the cathedral; no traffic there and lots of cheap but nice places for a drink or food.

Next to the Grandes Hommes -great men- market.

Café des Arts once again.