Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bordeaux reflections

At Bordeaux nearly always you will find a beautiful clear dark blue sky. See the first photo under this text. Well, that clear sky, combined with the many large show windows of the countless shops allowed me to take these intriguing photo's of reflections.

The abbey of the Anonciade, the announcement., reflected in its modern part.

Cours de l'Intendance

The flags on the gate of the Rohan palace, now the town hall, reflected in one of the old windows of the palace.

The Grand Théâtre, the main theatre, reflected in the shop window of a fine wine merchant on the other side of the square.

Rue St. Cathérine, the place to be for fashion in Bordeaux.

A reflection of the cathedral.

A reflection in a window of the Grand Théâtre

The restaurant of the Grand Théâtre, reflected in it's own windows.

Once again the Grand Théâtre and a wine merchant.

The Marché des Grandes Hommes, the great men's market.