Thursday, April 1, 2010

Surroundings: St. Émilion

You can of course visit the beautiful region and city of St.Émilion by car, but you can also use the excellent train connection. Get enquiries at the train station or at the tourist office (where they also can tell you about the free tourists train from the St. Émilion railway station to the city centre, which by the way is only a 20 minutes walk, though uphill.
At the tourist office you can also book a guided trip to St. Émilion by bus.

The vineyards of St. Émilion

View from the higher part of the town

The old castle

One of the many scenic streets

A former abbey

The same abbey

The narrow road from the town wall to the centre

Such a construction makes it clear that St. Émilion was founded around the 13th century, as a so called bastide: completely new settlements, not belonging to a castle or an abbey. The were not only founded by Frenchmen but also by Englishmen.

Another part of the old abbey