Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grapes and wine

What would Bordeaux be without grapes, without wine? Nothing, compared to what it is and what it was. So: find wine-shops all around town and find grapes all around the decoration of the houses and monuments.

Cours de l'Intendance

These heads in the facades of houses are common in France, but in Bordeaux, unlike in other towns, you find them in the facade of about every house. This one of course means that this house was built by a wine merchant.

In the Grand Théâtre, the grand theatre

Another facade head. I forgot to mention before that a head with grapes of course depicts Dionysus, also called Bacchus.

Mollet is a great bookshop. Find its several entrances at Rue Vital-Carles (tramway!), near Place Gambetta. Here a special window for a book on Rosé wine.

Grapes, yes; in its beak. Place de la Victoire.

Girondins monument and fountain at the Esplanade de Quinconces.

La Maison du Vin, the house of wine (in front of the tourist office), reflected in the window of a wine merchant on the other side of the road...

Looks a bit like Art Deco but the house is from 1901. Place Larrieu, which is worth a visit!